Mother’s Day Adventures- NYCo

Motherhood has to be the ultimate adventure and to boot- we have our very own day to celebrate it! This is my 6th Mother’s day unless you count the year I held my little Ella inside my tummy. Can you believe it? I think of her and am blown away by this precious gift- my one true treasure. She […]

Sweater Dress Staple

Everyone has their favorite sweater dress to cozy into on a winter day. What makes this Romwe dress a universal staple is versatility, color and fit. Scroll to the bottom to get your discount code! Some people get the term “staple” confused with “boring clothes in my closet”. I’m serious. A lot of women worry that […]

Snow Day

Our white winter has finally arrived in Portland! There is something so nostalgic and magical about a white Christmas, which came a couple weeks late. But hey- better late than never! It was quite a treat to wake up to snow fall and play in the few inches that managed to blanket the city and stick. […]

Eva Mendes Holiday

What a fabulous era to be a Latina! Growing up with iconic celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba and Eva Mendes, I found myself embracing my curves, olive skin and dark features early on. I have always been proud of my Puerto Rican heritage and am blessed to thrive in a culture that celebrates women of […]

Stripes and Denim

The 70’s train is speeding through our Summer and into Fall! I am in LOVE with all the denim details, cotton fabrics and retro prints. For this retro look, I paired my BDG denim skirt with some playful stripes from PinkBlush. I just discovered PinkBlush online! They not only offer an array of easy to wear pieces, […]

Winter Staples- The Perfect Skinny Jean

We ALL love staples. We love the fact that certain items will go with nearly any outfit, because it makes our lives a little easier. It makes getting ready in the morning a bit quicker. One less thing to stress about, right? Today I’m sharing a Staple Outfit. Each piece is generally speaking- interchangeable. For example, […]

The France Diaries

Epic fail on posting about my trip to Cannes, France this Fall!! However, I have been running around like mad trying to keep the ball rolling for this style show (I may I have mentioned something on social media) and a couple other fashion ventures 🙂 I can’t share more than that, other than it’s going […]