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You may remember me sharing about my experience with Tampax and Always two months back at the fEMPOWER conference, where I joined women from all across the US, to learn more about the brand’s newest feminine care products – including Pure  and Clean. I’ve partnered up with Tampax & Always to share my experience from the event as well as my impression and personal experience with Pure and Clean products, now available on Amazon.com.

I’ve had a chance to use the new Pure and Clean products for two of my periods now and you know that I only say this if it’s true, so here it is – I am a MAJOR fan- as in I will NEVER go back to any other product. But let me start with the amazing technology and design that goes into each of these amazing feminine hygiene products. Like, did you know that no other tampon but Tampax use boths the widthwise expansion design and LeakGuard Braid for built-in back-up protection?

During the P&G fEMPOWER event, I had an opportunity to learn about the actual technology that goes into each Pure and Clean tampon and Pure and Clean pad, which includes the long-lasting protection and soft, gentle top sheet expected from Always.

Learning about the history of Tampax and then being personally introduced to their latest, responsibly-sourced Pure and Clean products was SO fun and enlightening. While Tampax has a long history of creating excellent products, this latest line now also offers a product with minimal ingredients that’s free of dyes, fragrance and chlorine bleaching. For someone like me, who lives a pretty clean lifestyle, this is MAJOR.

My desire for a simpler feminine care product has always run up against my need for a heavy-duty product. I struggle with a particularly heavy flow each month,  which requires me to wear both a tampon and pad the first two days of my period, because of this I had resigned myself to the “fact” that I would have to endure leaks and discomfort during those first days each month. Other “clean” products on the market left me unprotected and I all too often experienced a leak within the first couple hours of wear. Until I tried the Tampax and Always Pure and Clean.

Being a long-time user of the Tampax tampons, I’m happy to say that you can expect the same superior protection with the Tampax Pure and Clean tampons. I wasn’t sure how that would go with the pads and like I said- this was my first long-term experience with Always technology. My personal experience has been life-changing to the point that I feel confident wearing any color and any material on days 1-3 of my period now!

If you want to order them online for $4.50 off, make sure to put these in your Amazon.com cart! The coupon is automatically applied at checkout. Let me know what you think and hope you have an amazing week loves!


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  1. Thank you so much for your review on these! I need to try.

  2. This seems like a wonderful event to have gone to! I love learning about brands in-depth and learning more about the brands I already like. I have always liked Tampax, and now I like them more!

  3. Wow what an awesome event! I like the Tampax brand and this was a great eye-opening post on their brand!

  4. I am always down for clean beauty products! They both sound amazing.

  5. Tonya Michelle says:

    Tampax has been my go-to for years, I never have to worry. Which to me, is key. This experience looked amazing. I do think it’s important for us to be educated in something we need so often.

  6. Wow – sounds like what was an already great product has stepped it up even more. Good to know. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Tampax is my brand! I have always used them!

  8. Tampax has also been my go-to brand! I love that the brand is making strides towards clean technology!

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