MYTH BUSTER: Why Oils ARE Actually Good for Oily Skin

I have always been drawn to a wholistic lifestyle, choosing to become vegetarian for years in my twenties then later settling into a plant-heavy diet that I’ve maintained into my thirties. That’s why I love the shift from just what we put INTO our bodies toward the quality of what we put ONTO our bodies- AKA our faces- as a part of our beauty routines. And yes, oils play a major role in that.

Because I like to leave it the experts, I’ll link you up to some great resources on how and why oils work so well in rejuvenating your skin cells, while focusing on my own experience from being an avid “creams only” babe into a die hard oils advocate.

Read more about What To Look For In Your Oils here as well as What Types of Oils Are Best for Oily Skin (and other skin types) here.

Let go of the fear that oil will create more oil.

So first off I  have very, very oily skin. It’s not even combination, but rather oily and then more oily in certain places, ha! I’ve struggled with finding makeup that doesn’t clog my pores since everything mixes with the oils on my face and cause secondary issues to just looking shiny all the time. And like so many others with oily or combination skin, I feared the effects of glopping more oil on top of my over-productive glands!

The Quality and Formula of your oil makes all the difference.

It wasn’t until last year that I finally tried a product that didn’t break me out. The trick is to find an oil in the very purist form that has been formulated properly. A lot of lower shelf oils are going to be too clunky on your skin and irritate it or clog your pores, so definitely try out any new oil on a small portion of your face for a few nights before moving on to your entire face.

Play with routine until you find what’s right for you.

What I’ve found works best is to use 2-3 drops of high quality oils mixed in with my night cream. I don’t like to wear it during the day, because I feel like my mattifying products don’t last as long. This isn’t the case for everyone. I know some babes who actually wear the oil in place of night cream and even wear it as a moisturizer beneath their makeup all day. I recommend trying it mixed in with what you use at night, because the risk of irritating your skin and then bacteria entering via make up brushes, etc is lower.

You will see almost immediate results when you add oils into your routine.

Oils work in a way to bind your cells together and give the appearance of plumper, brighter skin. As we age we lose certain oil production and by applying it directly to the skin, you are restoring and refreshing your face.

Here are some of my favorites as seen up above in order of preference:

Glo Skin Beauty Daily Oil

This is by far the lightest and easiest to wear and mix in with other products. If you’re trying oil in your skin routine for the first time I strongly recommend this one.

Dermalogica PHYTO Replenish

This is almost tied with the Glo Skin Beauty oil for me, because it’s equally as light. I feel like this one is good to wear beneath makeup too because it’s so light.

Kaia Earth Pure Moisturizer

A pure face oil that will not irritate your skin. Formulated to be the most pure and non-toxic.


A good one for daytime beneath makeup if that’s what you’re looking for.

Oribe Radiant Drops 

These drops are very rich and I feel like I can mix literally ONE drop in with my creams and get the same effect as 2-3 from my others.

Elemis Superfood Facial Oil

So this one I recommend to use more as a mask because of it’s rich potency. It’s not going to irritate your skin as a mask and you can benefit from restorative Omega’s for a pick me up spa night.


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  1. Love this because I was always under the assumption that oils would make my skin more oily! Learned a lot and now I really want to try these products!

  2. I have been trying to get into using oils more and more! I love how natural some of them are and love hoe they feel on the skin!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

  3. These sound amazing girl!! I will have to check some of these out for sure!!

    cute & little

  4. I love using oil in my skincare. It makes my skin feel so much better! I need to try some of your recommendations. I haven’t hear of some of these.

  5. Yes i have oily skin and I learned about this just recently. Seems counter intuitive though, right?

  6. I love hearing about beauty products. I have been intrigued with oil serums and such so this was interesting to read. Thank you for sharing.

    • says:

      Thanks for reading and yeah! I’m happy to say it’s not a terror for us oil-skinned gals 😉

  7. I LOVE oils for my skin! I use them for cleansing & moisturizing daily. They’re definitely a must-have!

    xo, Cara

  8. Oh YES! Adding oils to my skincare routine was incredible for my oily skin. Because skin can overproduce oil without adding that kind of moisture to your skin, it’s even better to have healthy oils added to your routine. Thanks for sharing this informative post!

  9. I’ll have to check out adding oils to my skincare routine! Thanks for sharing!

    xo, Steph

  10. I am ALL about the oils too! Can’t get enough!

  11. I have oily skin, as well, and I love oil cleansing! It actually made my skin better and gave a beautiful glow. I’ll have to try a few of the ones you listed here and see how I like them.

  12. Such a great post! Love your tips! I use also oils on my beauty routine. I love Oribe oil and also Josie Maran Light Argan oil!

  13. These are some great tips! I’ve never used oils in my beauty routine but really want to!

    The Classic Brunette

    • says:

      Let me know what you think! I believe it makes a MAJOR difference and it’s cool to consider its a tried and true beauty method throughout the ages 🙂

  14. Thanks for the advice! I’ve been more cautious about what I put on my skin lately!

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