Charlie’s Angel

So a few things… Little Secret- I don’t always shoot my OOTD’s the day that I wear them. AND most of the time I will shoot 2-4 outfits in one day! Sometimes I get behind, like in the event of this shoot and don’t try everything on together beforehand. I realize AFTER the shoot that I […]

3 Chic Ways to Style a Denim Skirt

Denim skirts have become a staple amongst bloggers and celebrities alike, so with Spring just around the corner, I wanted to share a few different ways I’ve styled this trend myself. 1. This first look is what I wore for a casting day. Scroll to the end to see this entire look! I chose this for my go-sees, because of the understated chic […]

Snow Day

Our white winter has finally arrived in Portland! There is something so nostalgic and magical about a white Christmas, which came a couple weeks late. But hey- better late than never! It was quite a treat to wake up to snow fall and play in the few inches that managed to blanket the city and stick. […]


I’m blogging this outfit from Paris today, which is kind of surreal. It’s soooo insane to finally be in the Fashion Capital of the world! It’s a huge city and there are marked differences here than NYC and definitely LA, haha. I love that women hear all wear beautiful shoes, even if they’re flat boots […]

Chinese Gardens

There is literally nothing more fulfilling to me than being a mother. And when I say “being a mother” I don’t mean to make it at all about me. Having the gift of a child and experiencing the “puppy love” that we remember from our teen years- only over and over again- with a child […]

Backless Dress by ASTR

We tend to think of COLOR for Spring and Summer. I definitely too anyhow. However, sometimes the drape of a dress or the cut of a top says enough. For my Spring series with Emily Mills, I’m wearing this ASTR dress from the Savvy department. (Via Nordstrom) I added a pop of color with these simple, […]

Window Pane Plaid- Wardrobe Update

I spend a lot of time flipping through magazines or looking through fashion feeds online. It keeps me on my toes for the upcoming seasons (especially when following those season-less bloggers in LA) and reminds me to keep things fresh (fashion bloggers in Europe always seem to be at least a year ahead). Since not everyone […]

High & Low- Mix it Up For Less

What makes me happier than an awesome outfit? An awesome outfit on a budget!! This look is such a steal, because the two staple pieces are Forever21 finds (plus the necklace!). As we all know, F21 offers fashionista’s the latest trends for less… a lot less. Unfortunately, high stock and poor quality can detour people […]

Holiday Details

I picked up this skirt in LA a couple months back, knowing it would be a great Fall and Winter piece. Isn’t TopShop amazing? We don’t have one in Portland yet, so I try and peruse the racks in person if I’m ever in town. Anyhow, I wanted to cheer up the skirt and make […]

Choies Two Piece

Wow! I am sooooo excited to post this new look sent to me from the trendy, high-street shop, Choies. I fell in love with this shop for their variety and high quality products. When I ordered this skirt set, for instance, I wasn’t sure what to expect in quality. But once it arrived and I […]