Work, Life Balance in your 30’s

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I had a lovely first time experience at Pink Taco in LA recently and wanted to share how delicious both the food and drinks are! I travel to LA quite frequently since my two best friends live in Hollywood and heck- even my hair stylist resides here! In my previous photographer life I traveled down frequently for clients and now I return every 6 weeks for projects, events and visits to my favorite showrooms.

My two rules for travel include

1. Only travel 5 days out of each month.

I found this to be helpful when I found myself traveling nearly 15 days out of each month and feeling quite overwhelmed with house chores and organization when I’d return home.

2. Don’t overcommit at home OR when traveling.

Hustling is good and often important when building a business, but I find that my sanity has to take front seat to ” just one more event” or “justย one more project”. My daughter quite enjoys a stress-free mama, which becomes an impossible task if I never allow for a true day off or arrive home exhausted from my travels.

These are just a couple of simple loose rules that I’ve applied over the years after much trial and error. It’s particularly helpful if you have a family and/or animals at home (both of which I DO have). Hope these tips arrive as a bit of refreshment during your busy week lovelies.





  1. I always feel like I overcommit and definitely need to take a step back! Great post babe!

  2. Love your outfit! Definitely need to try this place!

  3. Being able to set aside and have a real day off is so important!


  4. I’m not in my 30’s yet, but I consider these tips important even now! Thanks for sharing!

  5. These are good tips, I’m in my 30s and agree! I love your outfit too btw.

    xo, Patty

  6. This is such great advice sweetie!

  7. wow that location is so amazing and so are you! really love your look, girl! xx, Paula,

  8. So many great reminders!

  9. Thanks for sharing your advice darling! Also this place looks really pretty!
    Nicky x

  10. I am loving those tips! It is hard to balance it all!

    Sabrina | Gypsy Tan

  11. This outfit is very romantic, I love the shirt whose sleeves fall on your shoulders and your wonderful shoes!

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