Winter Grey’s

One of these days I’m going to put a “Day in Portland” Itinerary together and when I do- you better believe Powell’s books will be on that list. If you haven’t visited our city-block famous book store- mark your bucket list. You’ll want to see for yourself all 68,000 square feet of sprawling book-scapes in this nostalgic, readers hub. Until then, check out these shots from my recent escapades with the beautiful, Mia Allen.

Grey Powell's Book OOTD-100grey winter 04Grey Powell's Book OOTD-104grey winter 05Grey Powell's Book OOTD-103

I get asked about blogging in the NW quite often and I always half jokingly warn girls of the perpetual grey skies. It becomes a challenge to find new and most importantly- dry shoot locations after 9 months of downpour. My greatest frustration during a blog shoot is wet, frizzy hair and and that melted makeup look, haha. But my girl, Mia and I decided to call BS with the weather and seek out some sunshine via overhangs, breaks in the clouds and public book stores. Now there’s one for the books. (winky face)

Grey Powell's Book OOTD-110grey winterGrey Powell's Book OOTD-103-2

grey winter 03Grey Powell's Book OOTD-111

grey winter 02Grey Powell's Book OOTD-104-2

Grey Powell's Book OOTD-112

Photos by Mia Allen



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  1. I loved this post! So amazing!

  2. The struggle really is real when you have a certain day you want to shoot looks and are trying to dodge the rain. You can only do so many posts with an umbrella in them. I love the shots in powells. I think its cool how you mixed something so portland with fashion. I actually just discovered your blog and am really loving your style and photography. Portland doesn’t seem to have that many fashion bloggers(at least that I know of) so its cool to see someone doing it so well. 🙂

    • says:

      Melanie thank you SO much! I appreciate you appreciation of the struggle, haha. You blog too? It’s crazy because it can get overwhelming thinking about shooting year round especially when it’s dark in winter. But mixing it up with a small ring light at home can work for those few months or yeah- finding well lit spots too. You are in Portland?

      • Yes I am in Portland! I think you found my blog :). I definitely need to invest in a ring light, thats a really great idea, especially for beauty posts. And yes about the light. Working full time I have to just shoot on the weekends because it is too dark when in the morning or evening when I am home.

  3. Where is her coat from? Very nice!

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