GIVEAWAY- The Sak Leather Fringe Tote

CONGRATS to Dana Robinson & Cortney Lancaster- the TWO winners of the Beauty Bag Giveaway! Please email me your address and Whole Foods will be sending your bags this next week! CLOSED Ready to pack your bags for Festival Season? I have teamed up with The Sak to offer my followers the chance to win one of […]

Snow Day

Our white winter has finally arrived in Portland! There is something so nostalgic and magical about a white Christmas, which came a couple weeks late. But hey- better late than never! It was quite a treat to wake up to snow fall and play in the few inches that managed to blanket the city and stick. […]

The OverSized Tote: How to Style

I can’t believe it’s already February and I haven’t properly blogged about this bag! Say hello to my brand new girl, the Parker Street Aisley Tote by Kate Spade! Isn’t she gorgeous? This oversized tote was on my Christmas wish list, because of the pastel colors and the understated, chic design. Kate Spade really knows how to make […]

Winter Scarves: How to Style Yours 3 Ways

I was on the hunt for an amazing plaid scarf when I came across this one from Forever 21. The acrylic knit is actually quite soft and I love the gradient plaid and checkered pattern. For those of you on a budget- This piece was only $12.90!!! The most exciting challenge to any stylist, is re-styling […]

Canne, France

During my travels, I’ve been on Insta and Twitter like crazyyyyyy, but have been slow to get a full post up, so this is just a bookmark of sorts. I want to let you know where we’ll be starting from once I sort through my travel photos and video blogs. Next time I’ve got to remember […]

Perfect Leggings

I am a huge supporter of shopping local and on my list of favorite boutiques, is Shop Adorn. Not only do I love the ladies there, but I love the huge selection of casual wear, sportswear and on-trend basics I can always find in stock. I recently tried mixing these high-waisted leggings by M Rena  into […]

Choies Two Piece

Wow! I am sooooo excited to post this new look sent to me from the trendy, high-street shop, Choies. I fell in love with this shop for their variety and high quality products. When I ordered this skirt set, for instance, I wasn’t sure what to expect in quality. But once it arrived and I […]

Something Blue

This summer has been difficult for me on a personal level. I’ve had a lot of up and downs- a lot of growing pains. Within that difficulty, I’ve also found myself blessed beyond measure by those around me. Given the opportunity, my family and friends have risen to the occasion and have filled my cup in […]