Spring Sets + As Seen on TV 5 Spring Fashion Essentials

My Katu TV recap is online if you’d like to catch my Top 5 Spring Fashion Essentials. One of the top trends are pant and skirt sets, so be sure to snatch up one of these Show Po set’s I’ve linked up for you below. *And make sure to keep scrolling to shop similar finds […]

Afternoon Live: 2017 Spring Trends

This was by far my favorite segment to shoot on Katu’s show Afternoon Live. For this Spring Trend’s feature I had the pleasure of dressing these three beautiful models in some of the hottest trends and styles for Spring, 2017. Almost everything seen here can be shopped straight from the racks of Shop Adorn. I’ve linked […]

New Soho Collection

It’s time to update your wardrobe for Spring- no more excuses! The time for layering sweaters and scarves and coats is soooo last month. NY&Co has everything you need for the transition with this years top trends like off-the-shoulder tops, new soho denim and two-pieces sets. Whether you’re a classics girl or a trendy fashionista, this collection carries SO […]

Staycation in Portland- Cheap and Chill

When you’re strapped for cash, but going nutty from too much- well, life- it’s time to plan a Staycation! This happens to me often as a free-lancer, (the going nutty part) since my work can often feel never-ending and often bleeds into my personal and family time. When I finally manage to carve out an ENTIRE […]

Know Your Stripes

There is something so classic about stripes… Haha, perhaps because they ARE a classic. Stripes popularity wane and prosper but never fully fade out of the fashion limelight. Usually they come back to popularity in a thicker, smaller, or “new” color scheme from the year previous. This year, the white heavy, monochrome stripe them is […]

Spring Trends with Emily Mills

Spring is my favorite time of year in Portland (maybe second to Summer) because the winters are SOOOOO long here! When Spring finally arrives with color and sunshine, I remember why I love this city and call it home. It also reminds me of change, inspiration and hope. There’s something nostalgic about the rebirth of cherry […]

White on White

White is my favorite theme every season because it always feels fresh and bright and new! This outfit is special, because I’m wearing a new set from Florencia Arias, a Hawaii based designer who is relocating to Portland this summer! I shared another outfit post in their stunning lace-up dress last month. Check that out here! I chose […]

White on White

I was interviewed about my “GetAway packing list”  for Examiner.com a few weeks ago… Here’s the full outfit post from one of my looks. I love the white on white trend for spring. The crisp white on white feels fresh and both of these pieces are really light and breathable. (You can find both pieces at […]

Cynthia Vincent

I was pretty excited to be interviewed for the Examiner on my Spring Style list. Here’s one of the outfits I put together from Eg Page in Lake Oswego. I pulled this screen print top because of the black and white pattern and the pop of color. The boxy cut gives it a more casual […]