Nayelle- Probiotic Skincare

Great skin care is one of women’s greatest beauty secrets that spans all races, cultures and age groups. It’s incredible to think that we can prevent early signs of aging, combat hormonal changes and even treat acne with the right skin care routine. As a blogger, I come across all kind of products that may or may not […]

Old Hollywood Glamour with Hotel Deluxe

As you guys may already know, I have done a bit of traveling with Hotel Tonight (see my previous post HERE) and am a major fan of their booking services. I have had good luck getting insanely good prices on hotels that would otherwise be out of my price range. This time around, I wanted to […]

Spring into Beauty

Water plays an incredible role in our daily lives. A major contributor towards beautiful skin, healthy muscles and fierce brain power makes the source of our water of highest priority and concern. Years ago I considered installing water purifiers throughout my home to alter the pH balance of our tap water. After a lot of research I realized this was not financially possible at […]

Dana Tabu Rose Eau de Parfum

What draws me to a particular fragrance is not only a mix of my favorite notes, but like most- the nostalgia and emotional connection with the layered scents.  During the day I gravitate toward fresh florals and subtle fruits. Along with these notes the Dana Tabu Rose also includes cedar and amber. It compliments my summer lifestyle between […]

Clean and Chic

I’ve been using the Foreo Luna for a over a year now and have fallen in love with the spa-like ritual of cleansing my skin with their line-diminishing brush. With the launch of their new toothbrush I found myself eager to try this modern, minimalistic improvement on the tooth-brush. It did not disappoint! While I […]

Toyota Road Trip

For those who haven’t enjoyed the road trip from LA to Palm Springs- I must say- DOOOOO it! The Windmill drive is something out of a Steven King novel. It’s awe-inspiring and magical. I have to thank Toyota for making our road-trip both possible and incredibly comfortable! We made ourselves quite at home in the 2016 Swagger […]

LUNA Brush

Confession: I have become something of a beauty nut these past few years. With the invention of better and better camera’s on my phone, even a simple selfie seems to capture every pore and flaw in hi-res horror! My perspective on beauty is start from the inside out. And yes, I mean that on a spiritual […]

Kushy Foot

No-show socks are a cornerstone secret of fashionista’s and any hygienic lover alike! I don’t know about you, but I LOVE for my feet to stay dry and fresh inside ALL of my shoes! Say hello to your foot savior- Kushy Foot! These Foot Covers pictured here even have a hidden sole cushion that keeps my feet from aching […]

Boobs & Baubles

I am a sucker for all things beautiful. It’s been my achilles heel since elementary school, when I would skip lunch to save up for those golden days of shopping. I would peruse the isles of GoodWill with mom, eyes eager and heart pounding in anticipation-ready to pounce on some unknown, hidden gem. We didn’t have much, so I […]

Warby Parker Glasses

Wanted to give a Shout-Out to the awesome glasses company, Warby Parker this week! Today they are launching their newest collection, Half-Decade, which you can check out below. For all of you monocle lovers and eyeglass wearers, this is THE place to grab your glass. Each pair purchased here, allows Warby Parker to donate source […]