Charging for Sponsored Posts

Charging for Content Creation and Sponsored Posts:The world of professional blogging- both full and part time is still a novel concept. Style bloggers across the world look to the celebrity bloggers like The Blonde Salad  and Song of Style for inspiration, yet remain in the dark about their journey toward monetary success. Everyone wonder’s “Should I be charging to style a […]

Living Proof

Nearly all of my go-to products have been Living Proof this year, so I was super stoked to have them send me their entire line for wavy and curly hair to try out. I went online and used their Product Selector Tool for recommendations on products for my particular hair type and styling preferences. It’s […]

Fashion Fakes- Hiding Acne

As some of you may already know- I was recently inspired after watching Essena Oniell’s viral breakdown over her “Fake” social media life. (I did a couple of posts online immediately after watching). You can read more and see her video on why she quit social media on her NEW site where there are no logged likes […]