NYFW- Rooftop Event with Free People

This was my first year at NYFW and I consider all my firsts in blogging a learning experience. So with that said… what did I learn? Well, my biggest lesson this year was that the Fashion Week Parties are half (if not slightly more) the point of this fashion-crazed week. One of my favorite backdrops […]

Coachella Style with Everly Darling

What’s more Coachella than a truly vintage, traditional Kimono? This is the first of my Everly Darling series from Coachella, where I was style FOUR amazing garments from my favorite Kimono line. What makes these Kimonos stand out from your regular department store find, is the rich history and story behind each piece. I love that […]

Painted Hills with Billabong

Hiking the Painted Hills has been on my bucket list since first spotted in my Instagram feed.  I’ve probably stumbled across dozens at this point, yet it doesn’t dull the experience when seeing it for the first time in person! Reminds me of Mars. What better destination for my shoot with Billabong then a walk on […]

Boho Chic

I shot all of my favorite “Winter Looks” last weekend while in LA. Winter? you may be asking. Haha, yes winter. Obviously inspired by the sunshine, I did shoot a few sunny-weather looks as well! I was just introduced to the stunning Chloe and Isabel catalogues recently and have added them to my jewelry favorites. Krystal contacted […]