Summer 2016: Guest of the Wedding

Perhaps the most challenging look to put together is that of guest of the wedding. We want to look stunning and chic of course, but no one wants to upstage the bride. Check out my own guest-of-the-wedding look put together with Shoes.Com, plus check out the BEST dresses for Summer 2016 at the end of this post. (All available […]

Staycation in Portland- Cheap and Chill

When you’re strapped for cash, but going nutty from too much- well, life- it’s time to plan a Staycation! This happens to me often as a free-lancer, (the going nutty part) since my work can often feel never-ending and often bleeds into my personal and family time. When I finally manage to carve out an ENTIRE […]

Portland Made

H E L L O Portland S P R I N G !!!  If you are new to the city (as so many are these days…) then you have arrived just in time for the natural glory of this stunning city. Come Spring, the city takes on a whole new energy, with shops and restaurants […]

White on White

I was interviewed about my “GetAway packing list”  for a few weeks ago… Here’s the full outfit post from one of my looks. I love the white on white trend for spring. The crisp white on white feels fresh and both of these pieces are really light and breathable. (You can find both pieces at […]

Cynthia Vincent

I was pretty excited to be interviewed for the Examiner on my Spring Style list. Here’s one of the outfits I put together from Eg Page in Lake Oswego. I pulled this screen print top because of the black and white pattern and the pop of color. The boxy cut gives it a more casual […]