How to Wear Your Spring Dresses for Winter

An attractive feature of any clothing item is it’s versatility. How many ways can I wear this? How many seasons will this last? Those are the questions I find myself asking when eyeing a new investment piece. This is particularly important when it comes to dresses, which can be tricky when you’re talking color, material […]


I’m blogging this outfit from Paris today, which is kind of surreal. It’s soooo insane to finally be in the Fashion Capital of the world! It’s a huge city and there are marked differences here than NYC and definitely LA, haha. I love that women hear all wear beautiful shoes, even if they’re flat boots […]

Winter Staples- The Perfect Skinny Jean

We ALL love staples. We love the fact that certain items will go with nearly any outfit, because it makes our lives a little easier. It makes getting ready in the morning a bit quicker. One less thing to stress about, right? Today I’m sharing a┬áStaple Outfit. Each piece is generally speaking- interchangeable. For example, […]