V-day Makeup Faves- with Glo Minerals

Excited to share my latest favorites from Glo-minerals. You’ve seen me wearing this line for over a year now and while I’ve still got some staple favorites, their collections keep expanding so my list is getting longer. This is a recap of my favorite products and colors, but keep a look out for my latest […]

Alex & Ani

This year I’m getting into the Holiday Spirit with understated jewels and a signature red lip. With winter right outside my door (and I mean, burrrrr- it’s blustering out there) first off, I wanted to show off my new TopShop coat. This coat represents a great accomplishment for me. I have been on the hunt for the perfect […]

Clear Skin- Tula

All I want for Christmas is clear skin. I know, I know- there’s no easy way to achieve this. Because of my A-type personality traits, I tend to get stressed and get break outs no matter my beauty regimen. But eliminating black heads & keeping my skin bright and glowing is my goal. It’s nice to have an exfoliator […]

LUNA Brush

Confession: I have become something of a beauty nut these past few years. With the invention of better and better camera’s on my phone, even a simple selfie seems to capture every pore and flaw in hi-res horror! My perspective on beauty is start from the inside out. And yes, I mean that on a spiritual […]

Contour and Highlight- A How to With GloMinerals

Glo Minerals just came out with a NEW matte lipstick and crayon line. I wanted to try them firsthand and give you guys a peek at the colors! Which one is your fave? I’m pretty much loving ALL of them. Seriously. A good Matte finish without the aftermath of chapped, dry lips is crazy hard to find! […]

5 min Beauty Routine

  I am not one of those girls who “woke up like this” but in most of my online images you’ll see me made up. I figure it’s only fair to show the before photos and the overall process. I skipped just a few steps for the sake of image space, but here’s the gist […]