How to Wear Your Spring Dresses for Winter

An attractive feature of any clothing item is it’s versatility. How many ways can I wear this? How many seasons will this last? Those are the questions I find myself asking when eyeing a new investment piece. This is particularly important when it comes to dresses, which can be tricky when you’re talking color, material […]

Keep Up Don’t Give Up

Keep up. No one will get you get where you want to be faster than YOU. So keep up and keep on keeping on! I mean it. As a child, I always considered myself a girls girl. Which is funny considering I was very much a tomboy. But I preferred the company of other girls, because I related […]

Boobs & Baubles

I am a sucker for all things beautiful. It’s been my achilles heel since elementary school, when I would skip lunch to save up for those golden days of shopping. I would peruse the isles of GoodWill with mom, eyes eager and heart pounding in anticipation-ready to pounce on some unknown, hidden gem. We didn’t have much, so I […]