New York Fashion Week Recap

While I’m working through the edits of all my outfit posts to come, I wanted to share a little recap of my time in NYC for Fashion Week.

Day 1: I ended up taking a red eye in order to arrive in time for the HongΒ Kong Runway Shows. I was seriously STUNNED by all three designers, which wowed most of us for the first time at NYFW with impeccable tailoring, unique fashion-forward designs and eye dazzling collections. Can you spot me in the front row wearing stripes?

Afterward, I checked into the Ludlow Hotel with my friend Holly and tried to get a nap in since I hadn’t slept the night before. 30 minutes of snooze and I was off for a 12 hour day in the city! We hit the BCBGeneration presentation, the Bollare Styling Suit and then the AVEDA event where I had my hair touched up with some caramel gloss.

Day 2 I managed to schedule in a meal at Dirty French, which was delicious and quite luckily in my own hotel. I got to meet up with a new friend, Katie of WanderAbode and we exchanged stories of working in fashion from the West Coast. (She’s based in Orange County).

Day 3 was another day of shows- I saw the Ennyluap, Tibi and Vivi Zubedi shows back to back and squeezed in some meetings with brand partners who I am delighted to now know in person πŸ™‚

My roomy, Holly and I were photographed by a few street style photographers and then published in and Manrepeller which was AMAZING!

Day 4 was my busiest day and somehow I found myself lucky enough to meet an actress who I admire, Madelaine from Riverdale- as well as J. Alexandar from ANTM.

I finally stopped into Sezane to see their clothes in person and was surprised to have them gift me my first full outfit from their shop!

I met with the beautiful women of Trestique, who I’ve been working with for a few years now and even had them snap some quick shots of my outfit seen below.

Day 5 Was short and sweet. My girl Katie and I made our way to The Doughnut Project and I broke my sugar-fast with two halves of a Lemon Zest and a Peanut Butter & Jelly Donut. My mouth still waters at the thought.Β 

There’s still quite a bit left out here including some shows I haven’t had a chance to sift through and edit as well as full outfits and parties that we attended. I can’t wait to unroll the full story over the next few weeks, but hope you enjoyed this quick recap! Happy Weekend Lovelies.






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  1. Love your style!

  2. Love!!! I puke this make it this Feb but hope to see you in Sept!!!

  3. Omg, so many exciting things happened for you! So great that your photos were published and you met some great people and got a fantastic new outfit! Thanks for sharing !!!

  4. Such cute photos and loved seeing what ya did! SO much fun and those doughnuts look ahhmazing.

    xo, Lydia

  5. Love all of your looks!

  6. It sounds like you did NYFW right! Hugs, Kait

  7. Wow, Sounds so eventful and fun babe!! & love your outfits, they’re all so cute!

    cute & little

  8. It looks like you had so much fun! I love all your outfits. How fun that you met Madelaine from Riverdale…I am so jealous!

  9. looks like so much fun!!! Also, you look so much like oliva culpo!

  10. NYFW looks like it was a wonderful time for you! I sure hope I get to go one day!

  11. Looks like you had an amazing time at NYFW! Can’t believe you met Madelaine from Riverdale, so jealous!

    xo, Steph |

  12. Wow looks like you had an amazing time! How awesome you got to meet a TV Star!!

    • says:

      Yeah, I usually don’t get star struck, but I’m a huge fan of the show and she was really sweet πŸ™‚

  13. Looks like your experience at NYFW was amazing!!! Great perspective from your eyes!

    • says:

      Thanks love! This was the quickest recap I could put together but I’m excited to share more images and stories this next month! xx

  14. New York fashion week are really the best! Wish I was there too. Great job in putting all the pictures together. They are amazing!

  15. Awesome! All of these pics are so great and you look beautiful! BTW- I wish I could do 30 minute naps!! LOL- I need at least an hour or i feel so groggy!

  16. Your outfit for the meeting with Trestique was my favourite!

  17. Obsessed with all your looks! This gives me so much FOMO!

  18. you’re so lucky you got to experience nyfw! i still have not been to any and would love to one day. thanks for sharing your experience, your photos are wonderful!

  19. I loved this overview of your time spent in New York! I of course want to say that it was a delight to meet you for dinner, you are a doll! Until next time

  20. omg this sounds amazing! so jealous you were featured by the Manrepeller!


  21. Looks like such a blast!

    xo, Cara

  22. Looks like you saw so many amazing shows! And I am loving some of the looks you shared as well, they are so chic and trendy!

    Denise | Fashion Love Letters

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