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Great skin care is one of women’s greatest beauty secrets that spans all races, cultures and age groups. It’s incredible to think that we can prevent early signs of aging, combat hormonal changes and even treat acne with the right skin care routine. As a blogger, I come across all kind of products that may or may not work for my skin, but am rarely SO impressed that I will incorporate a new product into my own regimen.

Ever so often however, I come across a brand that really speaks to me and rises to my high expectations for high quality, ethically derived ingredients. That’s why I’m super excited to share my experience with Nayelle- Probiotic Skincare, a company who’s core values include “honesty, integrity and quality.” The fact that they use probiotics, which I have had great experience with in the past, is an added plus to this collection!

“Through NAYELLE’s in-depth research, (they have) sourced what (they) believe are the 4 most valuable &  beneficial ingredients: Probiotic Goat milk Kefir & Sea Kelp alongside Glacial Oceanic Clay and Snow Mushroom! These revolutionary ingredients are formulated together in a way to make them “bio-actively” available to your skin to rejuvenate it making you look younger and healthier with more radiant skin!”


With this routine, I have found the HYDRATE day cream to wear beautifully under makeup. It feels quite light, yet moisturizing my skin throughout the entire day. I also love the evening RUJUVENATE night cream, which offers a richer, anti-aging formula that plumps up my skin and minimizes my pores for a fresh face next morning. To be honest, I found this rich enough that I don’t feel the need to wear a serum beneath it.

The CLEANSE wash was good. I have acne prone skin so I won’t be able to use this long term- (I like to have salicylic acid in my washes)- but I do recommend trying it out if you have mixed or dry skin. My guess is this will help balance your skin since it’s formulated to cleanse and balance your skin in tandem with the other products.

Now the PURIFY mask is a MUST-HAVE for your beauty routine! I recommend masking at least 2x a week to help purify and keep your pores clean and smaller. This mask is AMAZING because it’s “composed of 60 rare earth minerals with sea ions differentiating it from any other clay on the market! When the clay is applied to the skin, the impurities, which are positively charged, get bound to the clay’s powerful negative charge much like a magnet and ultimately get rinsed away with the removal of the clay.” This leaves your skin glowing and beautiful afterward instead of dry and tight like some other masks I’ve tried.

Overall, I am incredibly impressed with not only the quality ingredients and scientific formulas, but also the effects on my fairly sensitive skin. I will be using these to the very last drop, especially the PURIFY clay mask! If you have yet to try a pro-biotic skin care line, I highly recommend Nayelle.

UPDATE: I have been using the Nayelle Purify Clay Mask and the daily moisturizing cream weekly and daily for the last several months. I have to say that the clay mask works beautifully, but is a bit more watery than I am used to. I love, love the day cream however! It my favorite moisturizer for my oily skin, because it’s so light and wears nicely beneath my makeup.

*This post was sponsored by Nayelle, but all opinions and final reviews are expressions of my own, personal experience.




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  1. These seem so interesting! Thanks for sharing

  2. I’ve never heard of this brand, but it sounds amazing! Will definitely have to look into it!

    The Classic Brunette

  3. Wow, this sounds like such a great product!! Thanks for sharing.

    Katie Ann

  4. I need to try this product! It sounds amazing!

    Greta |

  5. These products look amazing!! I have got to try this out sometime!

  6. Glad you were able to share this!! There’s so much out there it’s hard to find the good ones, so I’ll definitely try this.

  7. This skincare looks amazing! Anything gentle and natural is a win in my book!



  8. i’m always on the lookout for new products for my sensitive skin – will definitely have to add this to the list of brands to try!

    xo Emily

  9. Buying the purifying mask asap! This seems like a dream! Love love!

  10. Hi,

    I am using Nayelle as my skincare products and it really did a great job. I even recommend these products to a friend and provide a good result to her too. Thank you for taking time sharing this post.

  11. Hello there,

    I am also using salicylic acid matching some of my skincare product. I find salicylic acid effective when treating acne and even blackheads. The power of salicylic acid for skin care is really amazing.

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      I agree! It seems to the best thing to keep my oily skin under control 🙂 Glad you found something that works!

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