Lash Extensions at Lash & Beauty Lab

Lash and Beauty Lab was opened up about 9 months ago, but don’t let the smell of fresh paint paint fool you. This business has roots that go back over 12 years, starting right here here in Portland. Cheri, founder and owner of Lash and Beauty Lab has been doing lash extensions for just as long and has even made her way around the globe offering her services to an elite clientele.

Cheri’s favorite part of the business is working with women and making them feel beautiful. She got her start in the beauty industry and sort of fell into lashes. Since then it has become something of a calling for Cheri.

“My friend mentioned eyelash extensions, and how it was becoming very popular.  She said she was seeing it in all the magazines, and I thought who would want such a thing!?”

“It in turn makes them feel more powerful, and more confident.  Its instant gratification!  Truly. Their reaction after doing lashes for the first time is what keeps me going. I love being a part of that for them.”  
“…Anyway, I started doing some research, and I decided I would get trained and see what would happen! I did some research for the best training out there and used Xtreme lashes as my schooling.  They are still number 1 in the industry. Which makes me feel lucky that was the company I chose.
I loved it so much that while in my class I told my teacher I wanted to work for them.  I don’t know if it was the training that made me fall in love, but it all just clicked! 6 months later I applied to work for the company and became a trainer for 2 years.  Changed my business In Portland to only Lashes.  (It was) my first Lash Boutique.
A year after opening Lash Boutique I moved to NYC and became the regional trainer there, sold my Portland Oregon location and opened up another Lash Boutique only one year after living in NYC. “
Luckily, despite working in NYC and Paris for years, Cheri’s travels eventually brought her  full circle. We should call ourselves lucky to have such an expert team at Lash and Beauty Lab right here in Portland.
My own experience was WONDERFUL. I have been wearing my lashes for a full 3 weeks to make sure that I could attest to their longevity. Her use of surgical adhesive, plus her meticulous application created a set of lashes that I could easily take care of these past few weeks. It’s my first set where I could actually wash my face and clean the lashes without them falling out in chunks. You can see in this photo from just a few days ago (and nearly 3 weeks after application) that they still look full and quite pretty.
Despite the higher price point than local competition, I highly recommend this spot for lash extensions. You get what you pay for and though there are plenty of Groupon alternatives, you will not get quality lashes with the endurance and easy-of-care that you will at Lash and Beauty Lab.


  1. Anna Baun says:

    Girl, your lashes look amazing! XO

  2. I am loving your results! I’ve been looking into this myself and think I should definitely try!

    xo, Sara

  3. Oooh dying to do lash extensions! W

  4. Your lashes look beautiful! I’ve been thinking about doing lash extensions and you might have just talked me into it!

    Greta |

  5. Wow your results are amazing!

    The Classic Brunette

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