How to Dress for Your Body-type- Afternoon Live

Here’s a quick recap from Monday’s style segment with Tra’renee. Probably my favorite part of styling- I’ve outlines and set up a BEST silhouettes Guide to compliment four common body types. Use the following tips to update your wardrobe the BEST staples for your body. Shop all the looks seen on Afternoon Live from one of Adorn’s 3 Portland locations.

Hourglass: Curvy with a tiny waist

What to Wear: Crop tops, Dresses that are fitted at the waist, high waisted jeans or trousers, Wrap Dress


Athletic or Straight: your waist is about the same width as your hips and shoulders

What to wear: Flowing tops and fitted denim, Shift Dress, Straight cut blazers, A waist belt to give appearance of smaller waist

Pear shape: Your hips are the widest part of your body.

What to Wear: Ruffles tops or Ruffled A-line dresses, A line skirt that hits just past the wides part of your thigh, Embellished statement tops, Boot cut or straight leg jeans, Structured jacket


Petite: You are 5’4 or shorter

What to wear: Proportion is everything. You want to wear cropped tops, A-line dresses that hit at your true waist and heels to elongate your legs.

Watch the full segment HERE.

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