Glo Skin Beauty Routine

Over the years I’ve narrowed down my makeup routine to a few key pieces that I can use for easy, every day wear. The secret to my beauty routine has always and will ever remain the same- skin care. Glo Skin Beauty has offered both makeup and skincare for years now, but has recently combined the two under one cohesive brand packaging. They now offer the full spectrum of skincare and makeup in one spot.

Always a Texan at heart, I’ve adopted the southern approach to skincare which is to protect and prevent. This means incorporating essential beauty products at an early age that both protect your skin from the elements as well as prevent sun damage and/or early signs of aging. While I started this in my teens, I have had to customize and change my routine over the years to address my ever-changing hormones and skin-care needs.

What I find most appealing about the Glo Skin Beauty collection are the personalized options for each specific skin type. Right now my skin-care routine includes the Phyto- Active 15% Vitamin C +Serum to rejuvenate my 32 year-old skin cells with a powerful dose of Vitamin C, peptides and plant stem cell technology. It’s described at perfect for drier skin, but my oily skin responds quite well to a few drops applied beneath my nightly moisturizer.

My two other Glo Skin Beauty favorites are the Phyto-Active Eye Serum and Phyto-Active Light Moisturizer. I love how light both of these wear beneath my makeup. The eye serum is particularly light and gel-like so it doesn’t interfere with my concealer at all. This leads me to the Glo Skin Beauty makeup line.

This PETA-approved makeup line has grown a cult-like following for their skin-nourishing mineral makeup and beautifully pigmented products. My personal favorites are their lip glosses, which I wear even on “no makeup” days because they go on so light and natural, as well as their Suede Matte Crayons. I’ve been wearing their Demure lip color for nearly 3 years now!!

From their pore smoothing Face Primer to their Pressed Base, Glo Skin Beauty offers a diverse color palette for most skin tones. They offer personalized shadow palettes or one-off shadows that will blend beautifully and wear all day. I actually double up their blush as a shadow base!

Another long time favorite of mine not pictured here is their Brow Powder Duo. I’ve tried a lot of others, but their Brown set matches my skin and hair tones so perfectly.

You can check out more of their innovative skincare and nourishing mineral makeup on their website. Have a beautiful weekend babes!

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  1. All these beauty products sound awesome! I would love to try the Face Primer. And your photos…beautiful flatlays!

  2. These products sound amazing and I love the packaging! Defintley love the brow powder duo.

    Xo, Patty

  3. these products sound so amazing. will have to try, 🙂 xx, Paula,

  4. Love the images and packaging! Need to try!!
    Nicky x

  5. This entire post is shot so beautifully! I need to try!!

  6. Stephanie says:

    These products sound fantastic! I love beauty and skincare products and trying new ones can always be so much fun. I’ll have to check these out!

  7. This line sounds amazing! I’m always on the lookout for new skincare products (especially anti-aging) and I LOVE that this line is also PETA approved.

    • says:

      I agree! I’ve continued to use their eye serum and moisturizers. The oil is a bit rich for me unless I only use it twice and week but everything else has been divine!

  8. That all looks amazing! I want to try!

    Sabrina | Gypsy Tan

  9. these products sound so amazing!!

  10. The suede matte crayons sound amazing!


  11. The products you have used are really interesting, surely I will buy some! I love the graphics of your blog, the photos are wonderful!

  12. This brand is amazing thank you so much for sharing sweetie!

  13. So many great products! Dying to try!


  14. Brittney Buccat says:

    Oh yessss! I love glowing up my skin! Love this post!!


  15. I’ll have to keep an eye out for these and surpise my wife with them. Thanks for the share!

  16. always on the hunt for new beauty buys! love the photos too 😉

  17. Hey, can’t wait to have these babies. Glo is always the best when providing innovative skincare products. I have tried Glo products two years ago, but I stopped and I don’t know exactly why. I have to get back to these products sooner.

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