Coachella Dreams- at the Windmills

Alright babes! I guess it’s a good thing that I’ve been sooooo swamped with blog work that I’m JUST NOW getting this Coachella post up! This was by far one of my favorite looks (I mean- ahem- they kind of ALL are) so I’m glad to finally share all of the details and photos…



The windmills are definitely a major highlight for anyone making the drive south and a bucket list-worthy sight you want to see in person! The first time I drove through the fields and fields of these gentle giants it felt surreal! It’s a peaceful backdrop and sets the mood for the rest of your trip.

You may remember my recent Coachella post wearing yet another Everly Darling Kimono, styled with flares and belly baring brallette top. Since we made several pit stops between LA and Coachella Valley, I went for a travel friendly desert look this time, with a delicatebutterfly-print kimono who’s custom hem hits my petite frame just perfectly! Check out the most recent Everly Darling stock-list to shop your own one-of-a-kind summer kimono.

I have posted SO many selfies with my The Two Hand Exchange jewelry, but there’s nothing like my Canon Mark III to capture the craftsmanship and unique stones in detail. I’ve been wearing her jewelry for a couple years now, but each season she comes out with something fresh and unique with her signature boho influence.

This post is sponsored by both The Two Hand Exchange and Everly Darling. Both brands are ongoing, personal partners that reflect my person style and aesthetic. Hope you enjoy how I styled them!

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  1. These shots are amazing! Love the outfit and the jewelry layering!



  2. Wow babe, this look is so trendy and gorgeous! Love the kimono and the jewels, beautiful location too!

  3. Melissa says:

    This outfit is AWSOME! I really think you have the best fashion taste ^_^

  4. Kathy Lee says:

    Love these outfits! So comfortable.

  5. I love how you styl this outfit! So chic and casual!

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