NYFW- Rooftop Event with Free People

This was my first year at NYFW and I consider all my firsts in blogging a learning experience. So with that said… what did I learn? Well, my biggest lesson this year was that the Fashion Week Parties are half (if not slightly more) the point of this fashion-crazed week. One of my favorite backdrops […]

Top 10 Cold Shoulder Dresses

By far one of my favorite dresses of the summer, this Red Carter Embroidered Mini Dress is travel friendly, stunning and versatile. I’ve worn it both belted and unbelted as well as accessorized with boots, wedges, heels and flats. It’s rare for me to wear a dress more than once unless it’s fairly basic, but […]

Coachella Style with Everly Darling

What’s more Coachella than a truly vintage, traditional Kimono? This is the first of my Everly Darling series from Coachella, where I was style FOUR amazing garments from my favorite Kimono line. What makes these Kimonos stand out from your regular department store find, is the rich history and story behind each piece. I love that […]

Clean and Chic

I’ve been using the Foreo Luna for a over a year now and have fallen in love with the spa-like ritual of cleansing my skin with their line-diminishing brush. With the launch of their new toothbrush I found myself eager to try this modern, minimalistic improvement on the tooth-brush. It did not disappoint! While I […]

Oribe Atelier Tour

Thanks so much Oribe for inviting me out to the show this week! It was an honor to attend the first show of the 2016 Atelier tour. It was an honor to see firsthand, Oribe’s top stylist demonstrating style-secrets, to achieve looks straight from the runway! It was great to see how the product can be applied for […]

Living Proof

I try new products all the time and often, once the samples have been emptied I move on… But this year I discovered my new favorite hair product line, Living Proof! I was pleasantly surprised to see that Jennifer Aniston has signed on as a sponsor as well. Who knew- me and Jennifer? 😉 PS […]

Stripes & Denim

Takin the Week off… Just kidding. Who has time for that? I was actually in a car accident last weekend that ate up about 3 days of my work week. I have been playing catch up ever since and had to work through this weekend. This outfit brightens up my freaking week though 😉 Since I […]

OTZ Sandals

Say hello to my favorite outdoor OTZ sandals this summer! These little pops of blue are so insanely comfortable, offering my support and comfort with a cork sole- even when I’m out hiking or walking around at the beach all day. These are perfectly paired with shorts, light jeans or a little floral dress. I […]

Backless Dress by ASTR

We tend to think of COLOR for Spring and Summer. I definitely too anyhow. However, sometimes the drape of a dress or the cut of a top says enough. For my Spring series with Emily Mills, I’m wearing this ASTR dress from the Savvy department. (Via Nordstrom) I added a pop of color with these simple, […]

Know Your Stripes

There is something so classic about stripes… Haha, perhaps because they ARE a classic. Stripes popularity wane and prosper but never fully fade out of the fashion limelight. Usually they come back to popularity in a thicker, smaller, or “new” color scheme from the year previous. This year, the white heavy, monochrome stripe them is […]