Work, Life Balance in your 30’s

Shop My Look: I had a lovely first time experience at Pink Taco in LA recently and wanted to share how delicious both the food and drinks are! I travel to LA quite frequently since my two best friends live in Hollywood and heck- even my hair stylist resides here! In my previous photographer life […]

Love Necklaces & OOTD with Fred Meyer Jewelers

I’ve partnered with Fred Meyer Jewelers to style a set of these stunning  Crystal Love necklaces. Ella and I decided to style them up in two very different ways, mine a bit more feminine and hers true to her tomboy aesthetic. I chose to wear my necklace with the pendant tucked perfectly between my collar folds of my […]

Simple Perfect Pleasures

Ella made a recent request to visit the airport and “just walk around.” Since her last trip on a plane- back in October 2014- she has been fascinated with both the idea of returning to DisneyLand (which was her birthday trip that year) and exploring the mysterious happenings of an airport once more. She has these wonderful Nancy Drew […]