Creed X HighCamp for Mother’s Day

This post is in partnership with Creed X HighCamp Gardenia who sent me the items of my choice seen here as gifts. All final reviews and comments included here remain my own. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about all those special mama’s in your life. A long time fan […]

Nayelle- Probiotic Skincare

Great skin care is one of women’s greatest beauty secrets that spans all races, cultures and age groups. It’s incredible to think that we can prevent early signs of aging, combat hormonal changes and even treat acne with the right skin care routine. As a blogger, I come across all kind of products that may or may not […]

Lionesse Gem Skin Care

I first came across this Lionesse brand in Vegas a few months ago and tried some samples (was desperate for moisture while traveling) that quite impressed me. When the brand followed up and asked me to give their collection a full-on review I had to accept! As you guys know, I don’t review too many beauty […]

Hair Extensions with Irresistible Me

This year I have been trying to shoot the BEST images possible straight out of camera. This means less editing time afterwards and thus, more time for real life. One trick I’ve found to get thicker, more photogenic hair is with the use of Irresistible Me Extensions. I don’t even have to use an entire […]

Luxe for Less- Holiday Jewelry Under $50

Beautiful Jewelry is like icing on the cake of fashion.  I’ve put together a list of beautiful jewelry from flirty and feminine to classic and modern, with a friendly pricepoint of $15-$50 per piece. This includes a selection from my favorite Fine Jewelry Retailer as well! Check these out and let me know what you think! Check out […]

Taking Care of Your Hair

No Regrets is such a popular motto, yet not very many people offer advice on how to maintain a life of no regrets. For me, this means thinking ahead and taking measures to prevent those regretful moments. I take this to heart with my hair care as well, which means investing in products that will protect and prevent […]

Cat Makeup Tutorial

Create a super Easy Halloween Look in under 10 minutes! Special thanks for Pixi by Petra who sent me all the goodies for this look. Everything I used for the Halloween look is posted below and you can see the full Cat Halloween Makeup Tutorial on my Youtube Channel.Eye Liner: (black coco) Ink Liner: […]


I am a sucker for a solid, nostalgic scent. I love nearly anything with a subtle fruity or flowery scent as long as it’s balanced. The I Am collection is such a cool concept, because they offer scents that provoke different parts of your personality or memory. I have been trying out various fragrances each […]

Shopping Made Simple with Octer

Online shopping is my jam. I am one of those really contemplative shoppers who likes to see every single option before feeling confident in my final purchases. Luckily, I recently discovered a shopping site called Octer that allows me to compare products across every retailer- in other words- allowing me to see similar products in their […]

Dana Tabu Rose Eau de Parfum

What draws me to a particular fragrance is not only a mix of my favorite notes, but like most- the nostalgia and emotional connection with the layered scents.  During the day I gravitate toward fresh florals and subtle fruits. Along with these notes the Dana Tabu Rose also includes cedar and amber. It compliments my summer lifestyle between […]